30th September 2018









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from £7.00

Essity Prudhoe Miners Junior 3k Run 2018 Race results

30th Sep 2018
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£7.00 - Affiliated entry

£7.00 - Unaffiliated entry

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Race results

Entries closed on 29th September 2018

Entry fees£7.00Affiliated entry £7.00Unaffiliated entry

Essity Prudhoe Miners Junior 3k Run 2018

3km race for youngsters aged 11-16 (School Yrs 6-11 in Sept 2018)

Starting and finishing in the Riverside Country Park, Low Prudhoe

Race results

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General info

  • Day Sunday
  • Date 30th September 2018
  • Start time 12:15pm
  • Distance 3K
  • Profile Flat
  • Surface Multi terrain
  • Traffic free Traffic Free through the Town Centre
  • Minimum age 11
  • Chip timing
  • Location Waterworld, Prudhoe NE42, UK


  • Affiliated entry fee £7.00
  • Unaffiliated entry fee £7.00
  • Entries limit 300
  • Entries closing date 29th September 2018
  • Entries on the day

Event day information

  • Race HQ Waterworld, Prudhoe NE42, UK
  • Registration Waterworld, Prudhoe NE42, UK
  • Time of registration 8.00am to 9.30am
  • Bag drop Bowls Pavilion at Waterworld
  • Toilets Waterworld
  • Changing facilities Waterworld
  • Parking Town Centre Car parks
  • First aid
  • Refreshments


  • Finisher medal
  • Individual prizes First Boy and Girl in U13/U15/U17 age groups
Race results


  • AddressWaterworld, Prudhoe NE42, UK
  • GPS coordinates54.961028658104, -1.8430028385925
Race results

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It is important that your email account is accessible to you and that you check for the email before the race.

Your race/bib number will have a foam strip with the chip underneath.

Do not remove or damage the foam or chip. 

Your race number should be attached to your running top at all four corners and be visible throughout the race (including start and finish).

Check the website for the entry list. We will try to publish this 7 days before the race.

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We do not send anything in the post. 

All race packs (numbers and chips) can be collected on the day of the race from the race HQ

Unless specifically stated, all races are under UK Athletics Rules and the full rules can be found HERE

Post race

Results are posted on the Run Nation website after the event



Junior Entries

Parents/carers can use their email address to register a child. 

Please create an account for the child using your email address and enter using the child's name and date of birth in the account you've created.

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Race Prizes


The team scoring the least number of points, according to the positions in which the members of the team finish whose positions are to count, shall be the winner; the positions of the non-scoring members of a team, whether it finishes all its members or not, shall be scored in computing the totals of the other teams. In the event of a tie on points, the team whose last scoring member finishes nearest first place shall determine the result.

To count as a team member, the runner must be wearing the official club running vest.


All runners will be informed of their prize at the event, where possible. Otherwise Run Nation will email runners with their prize.

All Run Nation prize vouchers are honoured via this website and anyone having a problem reclaiming or using the code should contact us immediately.

Vouchers are valid only for the runner who won the prize and cannot be used in conjuction with other prizes or discount codes. 







Women 35+ (35-39/40-44/45-49/50-54/55-59/60-64/65-69 etc) 

Men 40+ (40-44/45-49/50-54/55-59/60-64/65-69 etc) 

Where there are fewer than 5 runners finishing in an age category, we will merge 2 or more age categories, to make up at least 5 finishers to count for a prize.

The highest placed runner within the combined age groups will qualify for a prize.

If one of the runners claiming a 1st 2nd 3rd prize overall (male or female), then the next placed veteran will recieve the Age Group prize.





Race results
30th Sep 2018
Start time

£7.00 - Affiliated entry

£7.00 - Unaffiliated entry

Race is full

Race results

Entries closed on 29th September 2018