5th February 2019

Vicky Pettersen - My Story

My name is Vicky Pettersen and In April I celebrate my 20th Transplant Anniversary of my Double Lung Transplant which I received at Freeman Hospital,Newcastle.

I was in need of the transplant because I was born with Cystic Fibrosis.

By the time I was 28 I had seriously deteriorated due to my CF,I was on permanent oxygen and unable to do anything with my husband and son. I would have died without the Transplant.

Our son was only 4 at the time I went on the transplant list and my main concern was that if I did not get a transplant and died my son would grow up without any memories of his mother and my husband Erik would be a widow at the age of 28.

I was on the list 4 months and received the call to say a donor had been found.

We went straight to Newcastle and I was in surgery just after midnight. 2 weeks 5 days later I came home as a new person ready to start our life together as a complete family.

Words can never express how grateful we are to our donor and donor family who consented to organ donation and allowed me and our family to survive as one.

In the 20 years since my transplant I have been by my husband’s side while we have seen our son grow up together, go to university and become a musician and teacher.

We have made many memories and shared wonderful times together as a family.

I love to be outside and always try to be active. My health is up and down so what I can achieve often varies from year to year, but I love my life.

My husband and I spend our spare time walking together in the lakes or by the sea.

I managed the Freeman sports team for 4 years and also competed in the Transplant Sport - British Transplant games. taking part in the running, walking and cycling.

I had to have major leg surgeries at the beginning of this year for Compartment Syndrome and have had to learn to walk again.

I am gradually building up my strength in my muscles and am looking forward to taking part in the ‘Run Newcastle Valentines couples’ race’ (5k per leg) with my Husband.

God bless all donors and donor families. They give the most precious, generous, selfless gift of all - The Gift Of Life