16th October 2020



Today we received a call from Northumberland Public Health, stating that Northumberland County Council will be withdrawing their support for the Hexham 5k and 10k which was due to take place on 25th October 2020.

"Northumberland County Council intends to rescind the road closure order and to withdraw its permission for use of the Tyne Green country park for the finish area"

This is very disappointing news for everyone concerned with the event. We have worked tirelessly since races returned in August to develop and deliver Covid secure events to keep runners safe. We have followed best practice, often going beyond the basic guidelines for the safety of the runners in our events.

Public Health Northumberland and Northumberland County Council have withdrawn their support for the event today because they are concerned that the county is going to be put into Tier 3 (Very High Alert) and cannot support the event on Council property, despite the fact we have approved social distancing measures in place that would protect runners and members of the public, following all of Run Britain's Covid Guidelines.


We will continue to discuss the implications of this decision in relation to events in Northumberland, with the County Council and work towards a safe return as soon as possible. We will also look at each event on a one by one basis in the weeks and months ahead to see what can now take place.


EMAIL SENT TO RUNNERS on 16th Oct 2020