3rd July 2024

Races of History with Run Nation - Victoria Park

Races of History with Run Nation


Victoria Park


Victoria Park is one of London’s most visited green spaces. With origins dating back to 1845, Victoria Park was built as a result of a petition to the Queen (hence the name) in support of a recommendation by William Farr.


In the latter half of the 18th century, this beautiful park became known locally as the People Park due to becoming an essential amenity for many working-class individuals during the 19th century. For many working-class children, this was the only uninterrupted piece of green that they could easily access.


It also developed a reputation for being a community point where individuals would gather for protests to attempt to make change.


During WWII it was closed to the public due to military use as an anti-aircraft site. Prisoner-of-war camps were erected along the northeastern edge parallel to Victoria Park Road and were used to house both Germans and Italians. An air raid shelter was built underground just inside St Marks Gate.


In the modern age, it was often used for music festivals.


Now we use it for our event, Run London Victoria Park 5k/10k & Half Marathon.