2nd April 2024

Races of History with Run Nation - Solway

Races of History with Run Nation



Anthorn, nestled near a WWII airfield, boasts a radio station with roots tracing back to its establishment in February 1918 as a Fleet Air Arm (FAA) airfield. 


Abandoned post-World War I, it was resurrected by the RAF in WWII as an emergency landing ground for nearby RAF Silloth. The Royal Navy took over in December 1942, renaming it RNAS Anthorn, commissioned as 'HMS Nuthatch' in September 1944. 


Operating as the No.1 Aircraft Receipt and Dispatch Unit (ARDU), it played a vital role in aircraft preparation until the final flight in November 1957. Transitioning to Care and Maintenance, it closed in March 1958. By 1961, it evolved into a NATO VLF transmitting station, communicating globally and broadcasting Greenwich Mean Time. Recognizable by its red-lit aerial masts, Anthorn's 'pips' on the radio serve diverse functions, encapsulating a dynamic history within 150 years.


Nowadays it remains a secure military site, but it doesn’t mean you can’t admire it from afar while running in the Run Cumbria Solway Marathon & Half Marathon.