8th March 2024

Races of History with Run Nation - Alnwick Castle

Races of History with Run Nation


Alnwick Castle Trail


Built-in the 11th century shortly after the Norman Conquest in 1066, by Yves de Vescy, Initially a wooden fortress when built, it was later rebuilt in stone.

It withstood the test of time and saw many battles and sieges including the War of the Roses in the 15th century. In the 16th century, it fell into the hands of Sir Henry Percy, the 6th Earl of Northumberland and under his orders it underwent massive renovations, Making it even mightier than before.

In the 18th Century, it housed the Duke of Northumberland after undergoing more renovations making the castle more habitable.

Later becoming a filming location for the Harry Potter Movies and a tourist attraction in the modern era.


More than a relic of yesteryears, Alnwick Castle is a living emblem of Northumbrian pride, standing resolute against the currents of time and tribulations.

Join us for the Run Northumberland Alnwick Castle Trail, a celebration of history through a spectrum of events—5k, 10k, Half Marathon, and Junior 2k. Immerse yourself in the echoes of Northumberland's past as you run alongside the indomitable spirit that shaped this castle and the region it proudly represents.