1st May 2024

Races of History with Run Nation - Albemarle Barracks

Races of History with Run Nation


Albemarle Barracks / Ouston Airfield


Albemarle Barracks is a British Army base on the site of an old former RAF airfield called Ouston that was in operation during WWII.

Located near the Northumbrian Village of Stamfordham, this airfield has some WWII history, acting as an airport for the RAF from 1941 until about 1961.


It has also been used previously as a race track back in the 60’s when the Newcastle & District Motor Club organised race meetings there from 1962 to 1964, one of these races was attended by Jackie Stewart who won, and it is believed that one of these was his first race victory.


In 1965, Newcastle Club held a motorcycle meeting, the last known use as a racetrack.


It has also acted as a backup airport for Newcastle while the main airport was being built

Nowadays it acts as one of the many British Army Barracks dotted around the country, as well as the site of one of our events.


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