28th April 2019

Run Durham Hamsterley 10k 2019

Run Durham Hamsterley 10k 2019 – Race Report


Thank you to all the runners who attended the Run Durham Hamsterley 10k 2019 on the 27th April, thank you to all the marshals and staff who help to make the event run as smoothly as possible, and a thank you to all the spectators who came to support the runners on a cold and wet day in the forest.

As all 250-runner set off for the 10k race with the first 0.5km flat before a 13% increase in elevation, climbing 44 meters over 300 meters. To finish off the first kilometre an 11% incline (23 meters increase in elevation) before the ground levels out for the next kilometre. A steady incline continued for the next 2km before levelling out at the 5km mark. At the 5.5km point in the run, the downhill section of the race started with a 34 meter (8% decline) drop over 500 meters. The point 6km to the 6.25km saw the highest decline of the run with a whopping 12% decrease in elevation and 25 meters lost over the 250 meters. The terrain levelled out slightly over the next 0.75km with a 27 meter drop in elevation. Between the 7km and 8km mark a small elevation change of 12 meters. Onto the final 2km the runners finished fast with help from the 47 meters decline in elevation down to the finish line.

Of the 250 runners Andy Chadfield (Billingham Marsh Hse H & AC) finished first with a gun time of 37:33. 15 seconds after the Andy finished Mark Wade (Aycliffe Running Club) with a time of 37:48, closely followed by Mark Kearney (Elvet Striders) with a time of 37:57.

The fastest female runner Sarah Norman finished with a gun time of 43:37. Kim Simpson (Gateshead Harriers & AC) finished as the second fastest female with a time of 43:59. Kim beat her clubmate Beth Curran (Gateshead Harriers & AC) who finished with a time of 45:24.