18th March 2024

Jet Speed Super Fast with Run Nation!

Championing Speed and Endurance: Highlights from the Run Northumberland Super Fast 2024 Event!

Congratulations to all Participants of the Run Northumberland Super Fast 5k/10k/Half & 30k, where the ground was flat and the weather ideal for an epic run.

This year, we introduced the new 30k distance to cater to those gearing up for the London Marathon, ensuring they had the perfect training ground.

The event witnessed remarkable performances, starting with Jack Douglas from Gateshead Harriers clocking an impressive 16:01 to claim victory in the 5k, while Helen Jefferson led the female category with a swift 22:03.

In the 10k, Luke Hilliard of Elswick Harriers triumphed with a time of 33:25, while Yasmin Hitchin from Edinburgh Hare and Hounds showcased excellence as the first lady, finishing in 41:52.

James Sharley dominated the Half Marathon with a time of 01:15:07, followed by Melissa Albarran leading the female runners with a stellar 01:26:28.

In the challenging 30k, Michael Stott of Blyth RC emerged victorious with a commendable 01:49:21, while Ellie Reed from Heaton Harriers showcased her prowess with a fantastic time of 02:15:33.

With participants pushing their limits, the event concluded on a high note, complemented by refreshing beverages from The Street Coffee Co., ensuring a memorable experience for all.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this remarkable display of speed and endurance!