13th February 2024

A Very Wet Valentine's Run

Run Newcastle Valentine's Event Report - February 11, 2024

The Run Newcastle Valentine's Event on February 11, 2024, proved to be a remarkable showcase of athleticism and determination despite the challenging weather conditions. Runners from various backgrounds gathered at the Town Moor to partake in a day filled with excitement and competition.

The event featured a Super Flat route, providing participants with an ideal setting for achieving remarkable times. Each distance presented its own set of challenges, with the 5k requiring one lap, the 10k two laps, the Half Marathon four laps, and the couples relay featuring one lap for each partner.

In the highly competitive 10k race, Thomas Joyce emerged as the victor, breaking the course record with a stellar chip time of 00:31:52. He was closely followed by Luke Davis and Liam Walshaw, who secured second and third place, respectively. Among the women, Imogen Bungay of Elswick Harriers claimed the top spot with an impressive chip time of 00:38:50.

The 5k race showcased equally impressive performances, with Dan Lanes leading the pack with a winning time of 00:17:53. Ellie Bradley of Durham City Harriers & AC demonstrated exceptional talent by clinching victory in the women's category with a remarkable time of 00:20:06.

In the Half Marathon, Thomas Sursham of Wallsend Harriers demonstrated remarkable endurance, securing first place with a chip time of 01:13:16. Bethan Dowsett of Deeside Runners showcased her prowess by claiming victory in the women's category with a winning time of 01:38:39.

The couples relay added an extra element of excitement to the event, with 21 couples vying for the title of the Toon's fastest duo. Daniel Spoor and Eden Ratcliffe emerged victorious with an impressive overall time of 00:38:46.

Despite the adverse weather conditions, all participants exhibited exceptional dedication and sportsmanship. Each runner received a medal, with the winners also receiving trophies and credit on their accounts as a token of recognition for their outstanding performances.

Looking ahead, runners can anticipate another thrilling race at Albemarle Barracks on March 17, 2024. As the event comes to a close, organizers express their gratitude to all participants and eagerly anticipate welcoming them back to the Town Moor for future events in 2025.