16th October 2023

A Scenic Weekend in Scotland!

Thank you all to everybody who took part in this past Run Scotland Loch Rannoch weekend!

The whole weekend event saw over 600 runners take on the highland challenge, which are record numbers for us here at Run Nation.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran runner, or someone just out for the fun of it, Loch Rannoch had everything you could want. The incredible backdrop of the north and south shores of the Loch, combined with tremendous views of the Scottish highland mountains provided an amazing environment for an enthralling run.

Firstly, on Saturday the 14th of October, the Run Scotland Loch Rannoch 10k took place, with 120 finishes in the event. The route took runners on an 'out and back route' along the wonderful shoreline of Loch Rannoch and although it was chilly the participants were still smiling along the route. Some of the stand outs in the male category from this event were:

1st Male - Paul McMahon - Chip time - 36:28

2nd Male - Kevin Amos - Chip time - 38:08

3rd Male - Alan Hume - Chip time - 38:25

Some stand outs from the female category are:

1st Female - Mari-Anne Miller - Chip time - 43:44

2nd Female - Natalie Leask - Chip time - 43:52

3rd Female - Jessica Mckillop - Chip time - 47:15

All the above recieving a trophy, medal and credit to their Run Nation acoount.

On Sunday the 15th of October Loch Rannoch was the scene of an amazing half-marathon and epic marathon. Each run starting with a triangle loop of Kinloch Rannoch and then proceeding along the mesmerising shore of Loch Rannoch, the half marathon proceeding along the shore till just past the 7 mile mark then turning back towards the finish point and the marathon continuing aong the whole shoreline for an awesome 26 miles completing a full loop of the Loch then returning to the finish point which was in the beautiful Weller Poley Park. 

In the half marathon there was 277 finishes, making it the biggest race out of the three in terms of participants. Some standouts in the male category at this event were as follows:

1st Male - Ross Horgan - Chip time - 1:13:35

2nd Male - David Hall - Chip time - 1:15:15

3rd Male - Lee Strachan - Chip time - 1:15:39

In the female category the standouts were:

1st Female - Nicola Watson - Chip time - 1:40:13

2nd Female - Hilary Robinson - Chip time - 1:40:22

3rd Female - Victoria Munday - Chip time - 1:41:07

All the above recieving a trophy, medal and credit to their Run Nation acoount.

In the Marathon there was 213 finshes, some standouts in the male category for this event are as follows:

1st Male - Struan Simpson - Chip time - 2:42:13

2nd Male - Ross Houston - Chip time - 2:43:02

3rd Male - Lewis Cleland - Chip time - 2:52:04

In the female category:

1st Female - Sara Eydmann - Chip time - 3:08:17

2nd Female - Pascaline Mollard - Chip time - 3:39:10

3rd Female - Zsuzsanna Gyorffy - Chip time - 3:39:42

All the above recieving a trophy, medal and credit to their Run Nation acoount.

However regardless of position every runner got a medal for taking part. 

Run Scotland Loch Rannoch 2023 was a spectacular event and definitely one our best of 2023 and it will only get better in 2024, we hope to see you all there again.

Thank you everyone,

Run Nation Team


In Partnership with Big Bobble Hats, who had a tent at our Loch Rannoch event.