HouseFit Hollow Foam Roller - Yellow

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Just like having your own personal masseuse, the HouseFit High Density Foam Roller delivers a deep tissue massage to increase blood flow to tight, sore and achy muscles.
It can be used before a workout, to loosen up sore muscles and tight joints, and post workout, to help relieve muscle tension and aid muscle recovery.
The roller has a hardened plastic inner tube and an EVA foam exterior which features a special 'trigger point' system to target specific muscle groups, working like a massage therapist, kneading the contours of your body and stretching soft tissue (muscles and fascia) in multiple directions as you roll.
Massage multiple body parts such as quads, calves, back, hamstring and other body parts. It can also be used as a physiotherapy tool for muscle injuries.


  • Non-slip and abrasion-resistant, hard-wearing, skin-friendly and free from toxic pollutants and hazardous plastics.
  • Relieves tight muscles and soreness.
  • Designed to increase flexibility for pre-workout and enhances recovery post-workout.
  • The hollow core makes the foam roller very lightweight and is easy to grip for carrying or travelling.
  • Wide range of applications, easy to transport and ready to use anywhere, whether at home or the gym - ideal for regeneration, therapy support or rehab.
  • Helps prevent muscle disorders.
  • Easy care & washable.