3000m Track Series Start List


ENTER HERE (open until Friday 12 noon now)

Athletes will be able to access the track 15 minutes before their start time and must be ready to run at the time stated above.

Bib/Race Number will be available when they arrive for the race  - 15 Minutes before the start (one number only to be worn on the front)

NO SPECTATORS ARE ALLOWED INSIDE THE VENUE (this includes coaches and parents)

6.30pm     RACE 1 

Ethan Bond   Male U15B Morpeth Harriers
Tom  Slane   Male U15B Blackhill Bounders
Sarah Crossley   Female U15G Sunderland Harriers & AC
Caitlin Flanagan   Female U15G Morpeth Harriers & AC
Emma Ashman   Female U15G Gosforth Harriers & AC
Joseph Ashman   Male U15B Gosforth Harriers & AC

7.00pm     RACE 2

Paul O'Mara   Male V35M Tyne Bridge Harriers
Peter Grimoldby   Male V35M Gateshead Harriers & AC
Silas Christie   Male U17M Gosforth Harriers & AC
Stephen HAMIL   Male V45M Durham City Harriers & AC
Millie Breese   Female U17W Morpeth Harriers & AC
Luke Hilliard   Male SM Elswick Harriers
Katie Francis   Female U17W Birtley AC
Jess Sails   Female U17W Tynedale Harriers & AC
Patrick Martin   Male SM  
Andrew Davies   Male V40M Elvet Striders
Ryan Neve   Male SM  

7.30pm     RACE 3

Darrell Hastie   Male V35M Gala Harriers
Luke Pickering   Male SM Houghton Harriers & AC
Charlie Daley   Male U17M Gateshead Harriers & AC
Steven McMahon   Male V40M Sunderland Harriers & AC
Alistair Douglass   Male SM Morpeth Harriers & AC
Joseph Anderson   Male U17M Morpeth Harriers & AC
Paul Waller   Male V35M Gateshead Harriers & AC
Harry Courtney   Male U17M Tynedale Harriers & AC
Scott Thompson   Male U17M Blackhill Bounders
Mark Snowball   Male U17M Morpeth Harriers & AC
Ryan Eden   Male U17M North Shields Polytechnic Club


Track Referee: Archie Jenkins

Meeting is organised under UK Athletics Rules and the Track Referee's decisions are final